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Sex Addiction

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Alcohol/Drug Addiction
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Prior to the development of Alcoholics Anonymous there was little recovery for those who suffered from alcoholism and other addictions. In AA, however, those with addiction problems found a program of recovery that worked.  Over time, the principles of AA have been applied to other addictions with significant success. As a result, there are several 12-step programs for sexual addiction and compulsion.

In many ways recovery from significant sexual addiction can be more difficult than recovering from some of the other addictions, with the heavy prevalence of sexual abuse in the backgrounds of sex addicts being one critical reason. In addition, sexual addiction fundamentally involves a problem with intimacy, something important for successful recovery.

12-step meetings offer the sex addict a means of social support that helps break isolation and lessen paralyzing feelings of shame. They also offer an opportunity for nonjudgmental accountability that can strengthen ones commitment to recover and to live with more day-to-day honesty and integrity. The meetings have their shortfalls, of course, as surely as do the individuals who attend them. Also, at any one point some meetings are going to be “better” than others. One cannot not expect perfection from meetings. 

Clients often ask about whether both 12-step meetings and psychotherapy are needed, or if one replaces the other. For many sex addicts, meetings alone are not going to be adequate for recovery, just as psychotherapy is typically not enough by itself for recovery. Research has indicated that it is important to include a period of psychotherapy with a therapist who is competent working with sexual addiction.

The 12-step meetings listed below can have differences in philosophy or membership at times. Sexaholics Anonymous, for example, is more specific about what behaviors are acceptable for sex addicts, while Sexual Compulsives Anonymous often has a large percentage of gay members. Also, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous makes a special point of addressing “love addiction” as well as sex addiction, though all of the meetings address love addiction to some extent.  To find out about meetings in your area, visit the websites below:

Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction (Family)

Alcohol/Drug Addiction
Alcohol/Drug Addiction (Family)
Compulsive Gamblers, Debtors 
Compulsive Gamblers, Debtors
(Family and Friends)

Eating Disorders

Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA)
Overeaters Anonymous (OA)

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