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Love Addiction

Love addiction is a result of unfulfilled childhood needs leading to obsessive, all-consuming feelings of fantasy and love for one's partner in an effort to have those needs met, to be taken care of and protected.

The love addict is:

  • All-consuming and obsessive
  • Avoidant of risk or change
  • Fears intimacy
  • Demand of attention 
  • Powerless over feelings and behaviors relating to love and their relationships

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Love Addiction

Below is a simple set of characteristics that apply to many love addicts.  Review them to determine whether you might have issues with love addiction that may be affecting your happiness, both personally and within your relationships. 

Needy in your relationships

Obsessive levels of fantasy about your relationships

Lower standards to alleviate feelings of lonliness

Tend to smother your partner

Are drawn to love avoidant people

Can't let go

Ignore warning signs that someone may not be right for you

When you fall, you fall hard

What Is Love Addiction?

Stemming from unfulfilled childhood needs, the love addict often feels unlovable and afraid of intimacy leading, as an adult, to feeling dependent upon others to care for and protect them. 

Fears often overwhelm the love addict, some of which include:

  • Fear of rejection 
  • Fear of pain and
  • Fear of unfamiliar experiences

Characteristics of love addiction include: 

  • A feeling of being all-consuming
  • Inhibition
  • Avoiding risk or change
  • Fear of true intimacy
  • Manipulation
  • Demanding of the loved one's devotion and attention
  • Powerless feeling over thoughts, feelings and behaviors regarding love and relationships

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